Miyerkules, Pebrero 10, 2016

Love Cows Valentine's Card

This is the Valentine's card I made for my boyfriend last year; I didn't want to share it at the time as he hadn't seen the card and by the time Feb 14th had passed I decided it was too late to post this.

The cow motif is because his last name is Cowe - which will be my name too from June!

I started with a square white card blank which I covered with pink paper that had swirly patterns. I cut out a large heart from another patterned pink paper and stuck that on top. The 'love' stickers all come from one sticker pack and the little hearts from another; the 'to my Valentine' sentiment in the top left is from a sheet of outline stickers, which are red rather than the more common silver or gold.

Finally the layered paper cow is a decoupage sticker which I bought in a little pack from Ebay; I often wonder how people make these sorts of thing to sell!

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