Lunes, Enero 18, 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 4

Out in evening - I'm going to a talk by my local council on food waste so will find somewhere nearby for dinner with my fiancé afterwards. It should be a Meat Free Monday for me really which will be an interesting test as I don't normally (ever?) order vegetarian food when I'm out! Does a margarita pizza count?
 Home made chicken nuggets
At cake decorating class so I will take a sandwich
A variation of Prawn Daikon Pho from Inspiralized
Something from the freezer and chips 
lunch: Scottish Arbroath toasties/ cheese on toast
Dinner: lamb with pomegranate and roast potatoes for me, chicken mini roast for him.
Dessert: Kentish pudding pie from James Martin Desserts
lunch: sausage/bacon sandwich
Dinner: Slimming World cowboy pie for him, fish pie for me. Will make two portions of each and freeze the other one.

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