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Formula 1 Foods - Austria round-up and the next challenge: UK

I went to Austria last year and made a few of the local dishes after I came back, so this round of Formula 1 Foods was quite easy for me. The idea is to make something inspired by the country that is hosting each race and last time it was Austria.

Apple strudel is said to originate from Vienna and when I was there I saw a demonstration and got to try some freshly-baked strudel; I was given a recipe to take away which I made at home. The trick is getting your pastry so thin that you can lay it on top of the recipe card and read the text through your pastry!

I also tried a piece of Sachertorte in the Hotel Sacher where it was invented; I had actually made this and posted it on my blog a while previously so it's a good excuse to share the recipe again!

Another local speciality is Wiener Schnitzel and while I've made it several times in the past I hadn't blogged about it before so this is my latest post. I used pork and chicken but veal is the really traditional way to make it. And it has to be served with sauerkraut!

Suelle at Mainly Baking made these Linzer Squares which are made of hazelnut pastry and filled with jam and make a tasty little treat.

Jane at Onions and Paper didn't have time to bake anything for the challenge so took the opportunity to talk about one of her favourite foodie spots in Austria, the Nashmarkt in Vienna. Check out her beautiful photographs!

The next challenge takes place in.... the UK! My boyfriend is a big fan of Formula 1 but says he would prefer to watch it on TV than go to the actual race. Aside from the cost, you get to see a lot more on television than if you are standing in one place by the track! Have any of you been or are you going this year?

For the challenge you can share any British-inspired recipe, whether it's something traditional or something you've dreamt up thinking about your favourite tourist attractions or British activities. I'd love to see a maypole dancing themed cake but I know I won't have time to make anything quite that elaborate myself!

The linkup is open now until Sunday 12th July so you've got plenty of time to get your recipes in. ');

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