Lunes, Enero 20, 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 4

I spent quite a bit of time last week going through recipe books and Slimming World magazines to come up with some healthy options, though I have factored in burgers one night as I need a night off from cooking.


Breakfast yogurt

Lunch leftover pasta bake

Dinner Late home after gym: Slimming World Vietnamese chicken and noodle stir fry


Breakfast yogurt or porridge and fruit

Lunch pasta

Dinner Slimming World sticky pork with orange and baby spinach for me; chicken in piri piri breadcrumbs from the local butcher for my boyfriend. Note to self: cook extra pork for tomorrow.


Breakfast yogurt or porridge and fruit

Lunch pork and bbq sauce sandwich

Dinner Home late - after work drinks with my new colleagues from the company I am joining next month. Not sure what time I will get home so I will either get something on the way home or have pasta when I get in.


Breakfast yogurt

Lunch chicken and pesto soft cheese sandwich

Dinner Thai fish curry from Weightwatchers book of recipes p.122 for me (as I need to use up the coconut milk from last week), chicken curry for my boyfriend


Breakfast yogurt

Lunch out with work colleagues for a farewell lunch before I leave the company

Dinner burger and chips for the other half and fish in breadcrumbs for me


Breakfast yogurt

Lunch posh cheese on toast - basically goat's cheese on baguette

Dinner peppered sea bass with saffron mash from Weightwatchers book of recipes p.130 for me and my boyfriend's mum; sausages for him. For dessert: mini Yorkshire curd tarts from Weightwatchers book of recipes p.148 and mini treacle tarts from this recipe


Brunch steak and eggs benedict from Breakfast for Dinner, p.14

Dinner roast chicken

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